Application Number: 2015/0844

Current Status: FINAL DECISION

Proposal: Demolition of existing buildings and advertisement hoardings and erection of a 5 to 9 storey building with lower ground floor and partial basement to provide 140 room hotel (Use Class C1); 35 room hostel (sui generis use); 371m2 retail unit (Use Class A1) (fronting Green Lanes), 261 m2 restaurant (Use Class A3) and 74m2 drinking establishment (Use Class A4) (on top floor); hard and soft landscaping, amended accesses from Seven Sisters Road, cycle and car parking.

Site address: 420-424 Seven Sisters Road London N4 2LX

Applicant: Lets buy Ltd.

Comments until: 23-06-2015

PLEASE NOTE: The Comments Until date shown above represents the statutory 21 days from when Consultation Letters are sent. Should you wish to comment beyond this date, please email

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